Teach Me Your Way (Ajar Aku Tuhan)

Teach Me Your Way O Lord
And I Walk In Your Truth
Give Me An Undivided Heart
That I May Fear Your Name

Reff :
I Will Praise You, Forever And Ever
With All Of My Heart, With All Of My Strength
And All Of My Life, I Offer To You Lord
Let Your Will Be Done In My Life
Teach Me Your Way, Teach Me Your Way

Ajar Aku Tuhan
Jalan Dalam T’rangmu
B’rikan Ku Hati Yang Teguh

Reff :
Ku Puji Kau Selama-Lamanya
Seg’nap Hatiku Seg’nap Kuatku
Seg’nap Hidupku Kus’rahkan Padamu
Jadilah Sesuai K’hendakmu
Ajar Aku Yesus Tuhan

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